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May 25, 2021

 Pregnancy tips for first-time moms in India

There are so many couples who do family planning especially the newly married couples in India and other countries also. Having a baby is a precious thing for any couple in the world and pregnancy is the first step towards it and today we’ll share pregnancy tips for first-time moms, we hope this will help you a lot for your first pregnancy.

There are so many articles available that can provide you such great information about pregnancy. Conception is one of the priorities and the first step for getting pregnant.

Pregnancy is the time when women experience so many types of body change almost in every system of the body. So many people search about this topic every day on different platforms like youtube and google.

From every platform, you may learn many things and get more and more information about health and fitness as well as well being of your life.

Pregnancy tip 1 for first-time moms – Stay away from myths.

Stay away from myths and do not believe in everything that people say. Myths are the most common problems which affect mother mentally and cause mental illness. Any kind of illness whether mental or physical can harm a baby’s health.

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For example, more heartburn during pregnancy is a sign of a baby boy, these kinds of myths are so popular in some countries.

Here the fact is there is no relation between heartburn and the gender of your baby. You can read our post on facts and myths about pregnancy in India.

Pregnancy tip 2 for first-time moms – Eat healthily

Healthy food can help you a lot during your pregnancy period also makes your baby healthy. During pregnancy mother can suffer from problems like indigestion, constipation during pregnancy, heartburn during pregnancy, weight gain during pregnancy, and sometimes deficiency of B12 or any other deficiency.

These problems are so common during the pregnancy period, you can prevent these all by just maintaining precautions and diet during pregnancy.

Pregnancy tip 3 for first-time pregnant moms – Do exercise and Yoga

Inactivity during pregnancy can cause constipation during pregnancy and indigestion also. Yoga and exercise during pregnancy is the best way to stay fit and healthy with active mind and body.

This causes circulation better and some exercise and yoga helps relax the pelvic floor, relaxation of pelvic muscles helps in constipation during pregnancy and at the time of delivery also if a mother goes with normal delivery.

Pregnancy tip 4 for first-time pregnant moms – Make a delivery plan

Tract your pregnancy status and your health as well as your baby’s health, and plan delivery according to it. If you have any problem with normal delivery or any medical illness that can affect your health and your baby health, you can go with the C section.

Your consulting doctor or gynecologist can give you an approximate date of delivery, the delivery may delay or it may come before the date also.

So plan accordingly the approximate date of delivery. This can help you to manage your financial expenditure also during pregnancy and at the time of delivery.

Pregnancy tip 5 for first time pregnant moms – Health insurance with maternity coverage

We take health insurance for our better, so why we take chance during pregnancy by not taking insurance.

So many health insurance companies provide health insurance during pregnancy for the mother and after delivery for the baby.

You can consider them this will help you a lot.

Pregnancy tip 6 for first time pregnant moms – avoid or eliminate bad habits

If you do smoking then you should have stopped it immediately. Also, you should have to avoid alcohol consumption and other bad habits.

These are some of the most helpful tips for first-time pregnant moms.

Some other tips for prime gravida

Here are some of the most things which can help you during your entire journey of 9 months. You can implement this after taking advice from your doctor.

Drinking water:-

Drinking plenty of water as per your need can help you a lot during pregnancy and it prevents conditions like constipation during pregnancy.


It doesn’t mean that you are pregnant or not skincare is a must for everyone also for men during normal days.

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Sebaceous glands and sweat glands become more active in pregnancy mainly during the thirst trimester, this can cause acne. You can prevent it by taking skin care during your pregnancy.

Also, you can use moisturizer for better skin and avoid roughness in pregnancy.

Mental health:-

Many women can face postpartum depression or other mental health issues during pregnancy as well as after pregnancy also.

You can prevent it by engaging your mind in activities which you like most.  Reading books and listening to good music are the best ways to avoid any mental health issues during pregnancy.

Stay calm:-

Many times people mess things in a hurry, you have to remain calm in every situation this will lead to better health with less complication almost with zero complication.

Learn more:-

Learning is the best way to improve your lifestyle and your well-being in day-to-day life. You have to learn something new about pregnancy every day.

Prenatal massage:-

Prenatal massage has its own benefits, this helps you in so many different ways and also helps to maintain your skin moisture.

Track your weight:-

Weight can be a huge factor sometimes during pregnancy, maintaining weight is one of the important things which people avoid many times.

You have to track your weight according to your need, you can also discuss this with your consulting doctor during pregnancy.

Tips for first time pregnant moms in India,


Prenatal vitamins:-

Prenatal vitamins are the greatest source if you have any kind of vitamin deficiency or other nutrition-related problems.

Also taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy keeps your baby healthy. You can discuss this with your consultant and take it after your doctor’s advice.

Take enough sleep:-

Taking naps is the most effective way for relaxation and maintaining calm during pregnancy. Also, you have to take an adequate amount of sleep for almost 8 hours during pregnancy.


Time to complete this article with the last few words, we hope this article helps to clear your doubts regarding first-time pregnancy. We also have written about other health-related topics and mental health.

This is a small article related to this topic, if you have any doubts regarding this topic you can let us know in the comment section., we will try to solve your doubts about health-related questions.

Stay tuned with us for more informative and amazing content, we will come with another good article on health and well-being.

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