What are the myths and facts about pregnancy in India

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May 22, 2021

 Some myths popular about pregnancy in India

Pregnancy is a very crucial period for any woman in her life, she must have enough knowledge about pregnancy and its related topic. Here are some most popular myths about pregnancy in India that she has information about it.

Myth 1

If you suffer from severe heartburn during pregnancy then you get a baby boy inside the womb.

This is total false heartburn doesn’t related to gender during pregnancy. This same myth is very popular in other areas about baby girls.

But the fact is heartburn does not have any relation with gender during pregnancy.

Myth 2

Exercise during pregnancy is not good for you and your baby healthy.

This sentence is also false and, exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve your health, and chances become higher for a healthy baby.

The fact is if you have any serious medical condition like pregnancy-induced hypertension, asthma, COPD, or other medical condition only then you should avoid exercise.

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Myth 3

You can’t have normal birth delivery after C section

This sentence is also false there is no such evidence available for it. People just assume on their own and spread myths about pregnancy.

The fact is you can definitely get normal delivery by a process called Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC). Especially if you consult a good and experienced gynecologist you can go with it.

Myth 4

Different positions during intercourse can influence the baby’s gender?

This is also a myth and no such evidence is available for it. Position during intercourse doesn’t have any relation with gender influence on the baby. It is like just rolling a dice.

The fact is there is a 50-50 chance for boy&girl during every time you conceive a pregnancy. 

Myth 5

Pregnant women should eat for two

The fun fact is, here for two is not specified whether it is for two babies or for what, although it is very popular in so many rural and urban areas.

The fact is mothers do not have to eat more, they have to focus on quality instead of quantity. Healthy food is so beneficial for both. Eat a well-balanced diet and fruit for better health and strong immunity.

If she eats more there are chances of indigestion and other digestion-related problems.

Myth 6

Pregnant women can’t dye their hair?

This is actually a myth because people give the reason of ammonia getting absorbed from the scalp causes health problems to mothers, but in real ammonia absorbed from the scalp is very minimal.

However it causes nausea and vomiting if a person can’t tolerate it, but if you want to dye your hair during pregnancy you can do it.

Myth 7

Pregnant women can not have intercourse?

This is also one of the most famous myths all over the globe. This is false you can have intercourse during pregnancy.

The fact is if you have a chance to develop preeclampsia or weak cervix, low level of the placenta, or premature delivery.

Myth 8

Pregnancy women can’t eat sushi

It is true as it is partially cooked it is unhealthy for women, instead of sushi mothers can eat healthy green vegetables and other stuff which are good for both.

Myth 9

Pregnant women can’t eat deli meat

There is some truth in this to this it can carry the risk of Listeria and different bacterial infection like coliform and salmonella.

But it is okay to eat if it is cooked well, also remember if you eat deli meat make sure you cook it at home as you don’t know about it if you eat deli meat outside.

Myth 10

Pregnant women can’t touch cats

This is absolutely a myth and people have to stop spreading this type of myth about pregnancy as it is a concern to the mother and baby’s health also.

The fact you can definitely touch your pet cat, the problem is should not change your cat’s litter box. Cat dedication can have different types of organism which can cause illness to you.

So just do not change your cat’s litterbox, you can touch your cat or pats during pregnancy.

Myth 11

Pregnant women can’t go on flights

This also false however some airlines have put restrictions on flying before 4 weeks of delivery. It is safe to approach flight during pregnancy.

There are some precautions you should have to take like get up and walk around every 2-3 hours and also maybe wear compression stockings for their calves just like everybody should avoid blood clots.

Myth 12

Pregnant women should avoid rock concerts

This is also a myth as a baby is safe in the womb in the amniotic fluid so noise can’t deep affect it more but if you are pregnant why should take risk in gathered public.

Instead of going to concerts do listen to music at home on TV or DVD or online.

Myth 13

Pregnant women can’t wear heels

It is also a myth which people spread around so many occasions, you can surely wear heels unless you don’t have practice in walking with heels.

If you can’t make balance while walking with heels and have a problem to wear then you should avoid them.

Myth 14

Cocoa butter prevent stretch marks

This is definitely a myth cocoa butter is not as good as we thought it was but it still feels good if you want to use it but it’s really not gonna helo your stretch marks.

They are just a consequence of pregnancy and for many women, they do go away.

Myth 15

Having intercourse induces labor

This is actually true sometimes as after the intercourse semen is released into the reproductive path of the female which produces prostaglandins. these prostaglandins contracts uterus thus it can help sometimes in pregnancy.

So intercourse during late pregnancy can be advised but you should avoid it if you have a low level of placenta, chances of preeclampsia, any type of bleeding in late pregnancy, etc.


These are some most famous myths about pregnancy in India, you can share this information with your near once to share some myths and facts about pregnancy. So many mothers gain problems due to this kind of myth during pregnancy.

Also, we have published so many other pregnancy-related articles also, read them they can help to solve your doubt regarding pregnancy.

Also if you know any other myths and facts about pregnancy in India you can comment down below and let us know about it.

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