What helps with heartburn during pregnancy | Throat burning during pregnancy

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May 13, 2021

 What helps with heartburn during pregnancy | Throat burning during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful part for any mother in the whole world, But as soon as a mother conceives pregnancy the signs and symptoms are also seen throughout the whole pregnancy. Heartburn during pregnancy is also one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy, today we will discuss what helps with heartburn during pregnancy in this article.

The list of the topic discussed in the article is

  • What is heartburn during pregnancy?
  • Heartburn during pregnancy symptoms
  • When does heartburn start in pregnancy?
  • Foods that won’t cause heartburn during pregnancy and much more.

What is heartburn during pregnancy?

There are mainly two prominent reasons for heartburn in pregnancy are as follows;

  • Hormonal effect in pregnancy
  • The uterus becomes an abdominal organ due to the growth of baby

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Heartburn during pregnancy is defined as a burning or irritating sensation in the esophagus due to reflux of stomach content also known as acid reflux during pregnancy, indigestion during pregnancy, etc.

Heartburn in pregnancy mainly occurs due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. The main hormone is called progesterone causes relaxation of the muscles. These also affect the smooth muscles present in the gastrointestinal tract.

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Burning and irritating sensations are mainly due to the release of HCL in the stomach for the digestion of food. As a food that gets reflux contains HCL it causes the burning and irritating sensation in the esophagus.

Due to the relaxation of smooth muscles gastro-esophageal valve becomes relax which leads to reflux of stomach content which further causes heartburn in pregnancy.

Normally this valve only allows an influx of food during eating and after it closes tightly but during pregnancy release of the high amount of progesterone relaxes the valve and the further above process is occurring.

Another factor that plays a major role in heartburn is the growth of the baby. The uterus is a pelvic organ but during pregnancy, the uterus becomes an abdominal organ as it expands due to the developmental growth of the aby. This expansion of uterus exerts the pressure on other abdominal organs including the stomach and diaphragm also.

Due to this pressure stomach content get reflux and causes a burning sensation in the stomach.

When does heartburn start during pregnancy?

Heartburn mainly starts during the first trimester and remain throughout the whole pregnancy, but in second and third trimester this heartburn becomes more prominent and causes more symptom to the mother.

GERD during pregnancy symptoms

  • Burning sensation in esophagus more prominent after eating
  • Chest pain
  • The sensation of heaviness, fullness
  • Belching or bloating
  • Some time burning sensation in the throat also with sour throat and cough
  • Bitter test in the mouth or sour test in the mouth
  • Nausea etc.

The mother may observe these symptoms while laying down, bending over, and after eating mostly.

Is there any prevention of heartburn during pregnancy?

People often search about the prevention of heartburn during pregnancy, but there is no chance of the mother getting stop acid reflux during pregnancy or acid reflux during pregnancy. But some methods can help with heartburn during pregnancy to reduce it.

Diet in pregnancy can be a huge factor to reduce symptoms of acid reflux in pregnancy, also staying active by doing exercise in pregnancy can also help to reduce heartburn during pregnancy.

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Change in eating habits:-

Mother should have to change her eating pattern, she should have to eat in small quantity frequently instead of in large quantity and less frequently and also try to eat slowly.

If a mother has to sleep after dinner or meal, she should have to take meal or dinner before 2 hours of going into sleep. By doing this the digestive process starts early before sleep and help to prevent the heartburn and burning sensation in the stomach

Change in wearing clothes pattern:-

The mother should have to wear loose clothes, especially during pregnancy. Tight clothes lead to pain in the chest and also exert pressure on the stomach as well.

Change in drinking pattern during eating:-

Mother should not have to drink water while eating, instead, she should have to drink water after some time of eating or dinner or meal.

Stop bad habits if you have:-

If you smoke or drink alcohol then these should have to stop immediately, this can lead to an adverse effect on the baby as well as the mother’s health also. Also, tell if your family member smokes around you because passive smoking also causes bad effects.

Avoid junk food:-

Avoid junk food and also fried and food with more oil as well as spicy food. This type of food causes acidity and a burning sensation in the stomach. Eat clean and healthy food during pregnancy this also improves your baby health.

Myths about heartburn during pregnancy

There are several myths about GERD pregnancy which are as follows;

Heartburn during pregnancy means a boy

This is the common myth around so many people that heartburn during pregnancy is a sign that the baby is a boy. 

Heartburn during pregnancy means a girl

As mention above in some areas, the opposite of the above myth is famous that heartburn during pregnancy means the baby is a girl.

Is heartburn in early pregnancy is a sign of twins?

Same like the above two myths this myth is also popular that heartburn in early pregnancy is a sign of twins.

Here we make clear that heartburn is a common symptom during pregnancy, it does not have any relation with the gender of the baby or the number of babies present in the womb.

Fact about heartburn during pregnancy

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 More heartburn during pregnancy means the baby had more hair on delivery

It looks strange but it is true in many cases that if a mother having more heartburn during pregnancy their baby has more hair growth on delivery. It is because the hormone which is responsible for heartburn is also responsible for the hair growth of the baby.

Home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy

You can also talk to your consultant doctor if you have severe heartburn during the second trimester or lots of heartburn during the third trimester during pregnancy. But there are some home remedies also which can help you to prevent acid reflux during pregnancy.

Fennel Seeds:-

Fennel seeds contain anethole which is a soothing agent and reduces spasm and flatulence, it also contains minerals and having anti-ulcer properties with vitamins also.

This helps to reduce acid reflux during pregnancy and prevent indigestion during pregnancy as well. It also helps in constipation during pregnancy.

It helps also after delivery during the period of breastfeeding.


Buttermilk is one of the good antidotes for acidity and it also has lactic acid and probiotic properties it. neutralizes the acidic content present in the stomach due to the production of HCL and also makes a protective coat against HCL on the wall of the stomach and helps to prevent indigestion during pregnancy.

Its pro-biotic properties also help in digestion, doctor also gives the advice to take probiotic supplements for good digestion during pregnancy. It also contains lactic acid thus it soothes the stomach reduce the symptoms of acid reflux during pregnancy.  

Mint leaves:-

Mint leaves also known as basil leaves can reduce the symptoms of acid reflux during pregnancy by causing effects on inflammation of the esophageal membrane. It helps to reduce inflammation this leads to relief from burning in the throat during pregnancy.

It also contains anti-ulcer properties which help to prevent gastric ulcers and peptic ulcers in the GI tract. So by soothing the esophageal membrane basil leaves help to reduce GERD during pregnancy.


Especially if sometimes you eat some more spicy food than normal drinking pineapple juice help to reduce acid reflux during pregnancy. It contains an element called bromine which helps to control the level of HCL production in the stomach.

So pineapple is also proven for reducing symptoms of GERD during pregnancy.

Raw almonds:-

Almond is the most common dry fruit in everyone’s home. In early time almonds are used for ulcers in the stomach, it helps to neutralize the acid content present in the stomach and reduce the acid reflux during pregnancy.

Also, it helps in the digestion process and contains oil which helps to soothes the acid content in the stomach lead to reduce in GERD during pregnancy.


We all know the curative and medicinal properties of ginger in cough, cold and also it helps to solve many digestive problems. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of GERD in pregnancy.

It fights against acid-producing bacteria named H pylori bacteria, also it reduces the inflammation of gastric membrane caused by HCL or other factors. This leads to the prevention of GERD pregnancy.

These are some most useful home remedies which you can use to prevent GERD in pregnancy in the second trimester and reduce acid reflux in the third trimester. It helps in all trimester you also.

Can we eat hajmola to reduce heartburn in pregnancy?

Some so many people also search for it so you should have to avoid food like hajmola and other stuff during pregnancy, instead of them you should have to eat healthy food which helps you to improve your digestion and gives you enough nutrition to for you and your baby.

Indian home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy

  • Basil leaves or Mint leaves
  • Buttermilk
  • Ginger
  • Fennel seeds
  • Gooseberries
  • Garlic
  • Clove

Foods that won’t cause heartburn during pregnancy

  • Bananas
  • Watermelon
  • Oats
  • Potatoes
  • Egg whites
  • Lean meat
  • Fish like salmon
  • Rice
  • Parsley
  • Aloe vera etc

Can’t sleep in heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn also affects the sleeping process during pregnancy, if you can’t sleep in heartburn during pregnancy then you should try the following methods it will help you to reduce a lot of GERD during pregnancy.

Avoid sleeping right side:-

Avoiding right-side sleeping will help much to reduce acid reflux during pregnancy.

Avoid sleeping on back:-

  Sleeping on the back leads to regurgitation of food and stomach contents causes indigestion and heartburn during pregnancy.

Try to sleep left side:-

The sleeping left side helps in digestion as well as it also helps to avoid regurgitation of food which reduces heartburn during pregnancy.

Sleep with propping your body:-

A pregnant mother should have to sleep in an incline head position with the help of a pillow and bed wedge. This reduces the regurgitation of food and reduces indigestion during pregnancy.

Try to sleep left side + incline head:-

This is the best position to sleep for the pregnant mother for sleeping. Sleeping on the left side reduces the reflux and sleeping with incline health stops the regurgitation of food.

So this is the best position to sleep for a pregnant mother which helps with heartburn during pregnancy.


Time to conclude this article if you have any questions or doubts related to what helps with heartburn during pregnancy or lots of acid reflux during pregnancy or indigestion during pregnancy then you can tell us in the comment section.

We will try to solve your queries regarding this article or topic also.

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