How To Get Pregnant & How To Pregnant

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April 23, 2021

In today’s era, there are so many young couples who have started their new life journey after getting married. And after marriage, they should have proper knowledge about parenthood. So many young couples want to start their family by getting pregnant or becoming parents.

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But they have so many questions like 

  • How to get pregnant?
  • What is the right time to get pregnant?
  • How to increase the chance to get pregnant?
  • How to pregnant? 
  • What are the factors that affect getting pregnant?

These are normal and the most common questions that are in the mind of young couples. Among these questions most frequent and commonly asked questions are How to get pregnant? & How to pregnant?

These two are the most common among the above questions. Today we will share some knowledge on how to pregnant & how to get pregnant for the young couple. For the answer to these, questions couples should have knowledge about family planning as well as antenatal care also.

How to get pregnant?

The simple answer to this above question how to get pregnant is having intercourse with your married partner. But if there is any difficulty like the mother’s having problems like the uterus is not ripe to carry a pregnancy or the uterus is not able to carry the baby.

Or have some defect in the mother’s reproductive systems like a defect in the ovary, or defect in the fallopian tube, or any defect in the father’s reproductive system like azoospermia, low sperm count, ejaculatory defect, etc. Then there are other methods to get pregnant.

Like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) which can be done by ART ( Assisted Reproductive Technology). 

What is the right time to get pregnant?

There is a little misconception that females can get pregnant any time after intercourse but this is wrong. We all know that as soon as a female enters into puberty or teenage start she is having a menstrual period every month.

This menstruation cycle plays a major role in getting pregnant. The normal menstrual cycle has a duration of about  28 days but it may vary from one female to another female, according to her hormonal influence.

In the menstrual cycle, there is one process called ovulation. This ovulation occurs after around 14 days of menstruation starts, or we can say after 2 weeks from when the menstruation starts. This occurs in the follicular phase that is why couples should have proper knowledge about this phase.

In the follicular phase, there is more chance to get pregnant so the couple should have intercourse during the follicular phase. For example last menstrual period is on the 1st date of the month then after 14 days, the ovulation occurs. 

So the couple has intercourse between 14 to 22 dates of that particular month. In which the chance to get pregnant is higher than normal days.

Here one question that can come to mind that how should we know that my partner is ovulated?

Some methods can help to determine that your partner is ovulated.

first is an increase in basal body temperature.

This is the first method that will answer both questions how to pregnant? as well as What is the right time to pregnant in the menstrual cycle?

You can get to know by measuring the temperature of your partner that she is ovulated or not. This method is so very useful for newly married couple as well as couple who has married early but have nil or short knowledge about family planning.

On ovulation days temperature of your partner is slightly high in comparison to normal days. You can get to know about measuring temperature for three consecutive mornings. 

Firstly there is a slight decrease in temperature and then the temperature will rise slightly about half a degree for three consecutive mornings. These will help to determine that your partner is ovulated or not.

The second is Ovulation Predictor Kit

This is the second method that will answer both questions how to pregnant? as well as What is the right time to pregnant in the menstrual cycle?

Similar to the pregnancy test kit these kits are also available near your pharmacy store. Or you can also purchase them online.

These kits are based on urine tests similar to a pregnancy test. There are stripes available in the ovulation predictor kit on which you have to urinate. This process you have to follow for a few days before you predict your ovulation time.

Do the process as instructions given with the kit and check if it is positive or negative according to the given criteria on the instruction with the kit.

There is a rush of luteinizing hormone also called LH which is also present in urine during ovulation which makes the test positive or negative. If LH is present in urine then the couple should have intercourse on that day as well as have to do intercourse for the following few days.

This will increase the chance to get pregnant. 

The third is changes in cervical mucus

This is the third method that will answer both questions how to pregnant? as well as What is the right time to pregnant in the menstrual cycle?

When the follicle develops in the ovary which contains a mature egg inside there is a rise in estrogen level in the body. Under the influence of estrogen, the mucus present in the cervix becomes thin wet, and slippery. Then after the ovulation, this cervical mucus becomes thick.

These changes should be noticed by the couple and according to changes, the couple should have intercourse for a few days. This will also increase the chance to get pregnant.

Factors that affect pregnancy

Lubricants used to lubricate during intercourse can affect some time sperm which can also help to get pregnant.

You should avoid saliva as a lubricant and also you should have to try to avoid olive oil.
You should try mineral oil, canola oil, or pre-seed instead of saliva and olive oil.

Maintaining of health to get pregnant

Maintaining good health is also necessary to increase the chance to get pregnant. Like mother should have to maintain his weight because the low weight or high weight can affect the baby as well as maternal health also.

  • The first is to maintain weight for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Avoid noxious things like alcohol, smoking, and bad habits.
  • To do regular exercise.
  • Avoid substances having caffeine and improving diet by eating healthy.

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