Glycemic Index Of Onion, Can Onion Raise Blood Sugar?

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October 4, 2021

Glycemic Index Of Onion

Onion is one of the low glycemic index food. Today we will share some informative content about it. We all know about onion, most of the recipe is incomplete without onion. Onion is one of the most underrated vegetables in the recipe. Gravy without onion is worthless in many dishes. Also, in India people are used to eat raw onion with paneer dishes.

Glycemic Index Of Onion


Also, it has many health benefits and raw onion can help to boost immunity. Even there it can be used to prepare medicine named Allium Cepa in Homeopathy.

 What Is The Glycemic Index Of Onion?

The Glycemic Index of onion is 10. As onion has a glycemic index below 55 it falls under low glycemic index food. If you don’t know what is the glycemic index we suggest you read our article on the glycemic index of different foods.

But in simple terms glycemic index is defined as the measurement of how quickly food absorbs in the blood circulation. As onion has a low glycemic index you can add this as one of the ideal food in your diet if you are diagnosed with diabetes.

Effects Of Onion On Blood Sugar

Due to the low glycemic index, the onion will release energy slowly into the bloodstream. This helps to regulate or lower blood sugar levels.

Also, the juice of raw onion can helps in faster hair growth and removal of dandruff. Boosts immunity and much more.

What Is The Glycemic Index Of Red Onion?

In the market different types of onions are available. Red onion is one of the larges used varieties among all onions throughout the world.

The glycemic index of red onion is 10.

What Is The Glycemic Index Of Green Onion?

Green onion is considered a non-starchy vegetable because it does not contain starch and very less amount carbohydrate. So due to less amount of carbohydrate green onion is not measured by glycemic index and is assumed as low glycemic index food.

So diabetic patients and also high blood pressure patients can include green onions in their diet.

Glycemic Index Of Onion Rings

The glycemic index of the onion ring is 10. As the same as onion.

What Is The Glycemic Index Of Cooked Onion?

As we cook onion there are chances that due to other ingredients and oil the number of carbohydrates can be increased. So the glycemic index of cooked onion is 12.

Caramelized Onion Glycemic Index?

From the starting point to this point we had talked about raw onion, green onion, red onion, onion ring, cooked onions. But now we are going to discuss caramelized onion.

When the onion is cooked at a high temperature for a longer period of time, the molecules of large sugar break down into small sugar molecules and make the onion sweeter over time. This sweet onion is called caramelized onion.

Due to increased levels of small sugar molecules, the glycemic index of caramelized onion gets increases. Though you can refer to this article for more information about caramelized onion glycemic index.

Can Onion Raise The Blood Sugar Levels?

Onion has a low glycemic index so it will digest slowly and raise energy slowly in the bloodstream. Due to having low glycemic index onion will not raise blood sugar neither moderate levels nor at a high level.

So it does not raise blood sugar that much in your body or bloodstream.

Glycemic Load Of Onion.

The glycemic load of medium-sized raw onion is about .75 or 1. Glycemic load means how rapidly a specific carbohydrate food raises blood sugar and factors in the actual amount of the particular carbohydrate being.

The formula of Glycemic Load:

Glycemic Load Of Food = (Glycemic Index Of Food    X   amount (g) of available Carbohydrate Food per serving)/100

How To Add Onion To Healthy Diet

Some studies found that adding onion in soup, stew, salad, sandwiches can help to reduce blood sugar levels in patients with type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes.

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Also, onion contains selenium, which improves the overall immunity of your body. So eating raw onion can help to boost the overall health of your body.

However, it can bring tears when we cut it and causes a pungent smell if we eat raw onions. You have to make sure that advantages only come if you take in a limited or required amount, excessiveness of anything can cause adverse effects on the body.

NOTE:- You have to first discuss first with your doctor about changing your diet or adding or removing something from anything from your diet plan.


So hope you found this article based on the glycemic index of onion helpful. If you have any doubts or queries you can let us know in the comments section.

We suggest you read our article on the glycemic index of rice. Stay tuned with us for more informative content.

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