Importance of good mental health awareness

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May 11, 2021

Mental health awareness is one of the most important topics nowadays. Some so many people might have physically strong but they may suffer from a poor mental health condition.

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What causes the negative thoughts & feelings of depression?

Every people faces many problems in day-to-day life in their normal routine. But some people do not take every problem seriously, but those who take the problem seriously may suffer from overthinking, negative thoughts, and depressed feelings.

Although the following condition may cause negative thoughts

  •  Financial crisis/ poor economic status/ lose in business
  • Divorce/ breakup/
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Fight or argue with a loved one
  • Lose of job
  • Self-deprivation etc

What is mental health?

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We all have mental health it is just as important as physical health. It is not only about mental illness or mental disorders, better health is about our cognitive and emotional well-being.

Our health exists on a continuum and we move along with the continuum according to various coinciding factors such as;

  • Our genetic makeup & Up-bringing
  • Life circumstances
  • Pressure at any given time.

Why mental health is important to me?

As we all know that our physical health is so much important to do any work, but mental health is the main factor which leads us to achieve our goals and helps us to do our routine work. If a person has good physical health but that particular person is weak mentally his or her physical strength is useless.

All our physical movement is coordinated by outbrain and if we have do not gave good mental health then it affects our thought process during our daily work.

What can happen if we do not have good mental health?

If we do not focus on our good mind health condition it may lead to some serious conditions which may lead to depression and other conditions are as follows;

Anxiety disorders:-

A person may develop an anxiety disorder in a certain condition in which people may have fear and panic in a certain condition, some time increase heart rate and profuse sweating may occur in anxiety.

Mood disorders:-

Mood disorders are common in poor meantal peace, as a person feels bad and this affects thought process lead to change in mood drastically. A person may become angry in a very short time, mood swings and other things can occur.

Eating disorders:-

In these person develops eating disorders like overeating and some timeless eating or eat minimum while the person is sad or not in the mood.

Other conditions are also there which may develop due to not well mental peace.

Why Is It Important to take care of your mental health?

Poor mental health may cause negative effect on human life which are as follows;

  • Take little things seriously
  • Decreases workability
  • Lead to overthinking
  • Causes anger and rash behavior
  • Tiredness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Irregular eating habit
  • Causes loneliness
  • Causes sadness and negative thoughts
  • Lead to less socialism and connectivity
  • Feeling of worthless
  • Discouragement and for everything

These are some of the most common negative feelings which may cause due to having not well mental peace.

How to improve mental health?

If the person does not have better mental health there are various ways by which we can improve our mental health. Improving it can help you also in doing physical tasks and also it makes us a better person.

Good mental condition helps us to increase our productivity and also leads to building up good concentration while doing our daily work.

If you have some more serious health issues you can consult a professional mental health physician, although you can do the following things to maintain your good wealthy mind health.

  • Stay positive and calm
  • Getting physically active by doing exercise, work, yoga, etc.
  • Reading, Writing, Listening good music
  • Sharing your feelings with your loved ones
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Socialism and by connecting with others
  • Improving your skills

Benefits of good mental health awareness

  • A zest for living- ability to enjoy life, to laugh, and fun
  • Ability to care for self and for others
  • Increase in self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A sense of well-roundedness:- with attention to mind, body spirit, and creativity.
  • Development of intellectual thoughts, health, and many more
  • A sense of balance in life:- a balance between socialism and solitude, work and play, sleep and wakefulness, etc.
  • Flexibility:- the ability to change, grow and experience a range of feelings, etc.
  • Self-realization
  • Resiliency


Time to conclude this session and article as well, we hope that this article about the Importance of good mind health awareness will help you to solve your queries about mental health. If you have any doubt you can let us know in the comment section below.

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