Things You Need To Know About Girdle Belt

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October 6, 2021

Things You Need To Know About Girdle Belt

Girdle belt or belly belt, today we will discuss the girdle belt in detail. People of the different regions also called it belly belts.

What Is Girdle?

The word girdle have various meanings as a noun, verb as following

as noun : “belt”, “strap”, “grith”

second meaning as a noun is ” a woman’s elasticated corset extending from waist to thigh”

as a verb: ” encircle (the body) with a girdle”

also in medical language girdle is used as an anatomical term defines ” either of sets of bones encircling the body, to which limbs are attached”

These are some of the meanings of the word in different criteria, but today we will discuss girdle belts.

What is a girdle belt?

A girdle belt is used sometimes after pregnancy as a belt to revive the actual positioning of abdominal skin or belly.

After giving birth to a newborn baby successfully without any complications, the first thing that comes into mind is to reduce the extra weight that mothers have gained during pregnancy.

Nowadays everyone is health conscious about their own health if anyone gets sick or gained extra weight or suffering from a low weight they will take immediate action about their health.

So after giving birth to a healthy baby mother focus to remain healthy and fit for extra care of her baby and the first step is to lose the extra weight gained during the nine-month period.

But doing exercise can be tough in the initial months and also can cause pain if there are stitches or had done c section.

Mother can use the girdle belt after the advice of the gynecologist or their consultant physician. This belly belt can help to achieve your goal and hasten the process of weight loss in some efforts.

It can help to improve the figure by straining the unused muscles and make them revert back to their original position. Also, it causes straightening of the back which improves the overall posture of the body.

How To Wear A Girdle Belt?

Here we have a video about how to wear the belt, but we first advise you to talk with your consultant or physician about whatever you wear or do lifestyle changes during pregnancy or after the pregnancy.

This video is about how to wear a lumbo-sacral belt, but the steps are almost the same for the girdle belt also.

How To Choose Size Of Girdle Belt?

There are several types of belts available according to different body types, and sizes are defined on the package.

You can select your comfortable size for better comfort and good results.


So here is a short article about girdle belts, how to wear them, and how to choose the size of the belt. Please share if you found these articles helpful.

Also, we suggest you read our other pregnancy-related articles for more information.

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