Most Important Hair Care Tips Of Indulekha Hair Oil

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November 2, 2021

Indulekha Hair oil is very famous and comes under one of the most popular brands in India and the whole world.

Indulekha Hair Oil

Here we are going to share some most important hair care tips of Indulekha hair oil which help you to get longer, thicker, shiny hair.

Hair falling for a long time can lead to baldness, homeopathy can be an option to prevent hair loss.

How do I apply Indulekha hair oil?

You can take Indulekha hair oil in a container in the limited amount you need. Pour it on your head or hair and massage gently with your fingertips in a round motion.

Indulekha Hair Oil Review (Credit Goes To Respected Owners)

Also, you can take some amount of oil in your palm and apply it to your hair gently.

Important Tips For Indulekha Hair Oil

The main aim of our blogs is to educate the reader about the good condition of skin/hair.

Oiling prevents hydraulic fatigue of your hair and reduces hair damage caused by chemicals. Hair oil protects your hair follicles from irritating surfactants by lining the gaps inside your cuticles”.

Tip 1– Do Gentle Massage And Put Your Hand In L Shape.

Do a scalp massage with your fingertips after applying the oil in a circular motion. Make sure that you do not have to massage roughly or vigorously.

Be gentle with your hair and scalp. This type of massage improves blood circulation in the head region.

Also, it nourishes the root of the hair and provides better circulation to hair follicles.

Try to do massage by placing your hand in L shape to your lateral part of the head and putting gentle pressure. This also relieves the pain in the head and makes your mind relax.

Keep in mind that when you put gentle pressure in L shape, you do not tangle the hair. This may cause irritation.

Tip 2– Keep your scalp clean while oiling

People only ask about whether they have to do a massage on dry hair or wet hair. But they do not ask any questions about the condition of the scalp.

Oiling will do not get affected in dry or wet hair, but it will definitely affect if your scalp is not clean during the massage.

Make sure that whenever you do Champi with Indulekha oil or any oil, you have to clean your scalp first.

The dirty scalp can cause the accumulation of dust. Also, it helps the oil to rich and penetrate the layer of the scalp.

If you are using heavy oil like coconut oil, you can do massage in dry hair, because large molecules of oil can easily go through the scalp and provide nourishment.

Tip 3- Make Indulekha Oil Warm For Better Absorption

When you do massage with Indulekha oil, you can make it a little warmer. This will increase the absorption of oil through the layer of the scalp.

If you do not want to make oil warm or have any problem with warm oil you can cover your head with a warm towel. This will also do a similar kind of effect.

More absorption of oil can improve your hair growth results. You can collect some oil in a container and give some amount of heat to make Indulekha oil warmer.

Not only Indulekha you can warm up any oil that you use for massage.

Tip 4- Use Same Amount Of Shampoo Equvivelent

Sounds like crazy, but you have to wash your hair with an almost equal amount of shampoo according to your used oil.

For example, if you applied 10 ml of oil to your head you have to use the same amount of shampoo to wash out each and every drop of oil.

The remaining hair oil can lead to sticking the dust particle results in damaged hair. However, the damage will be in diminished amount but stuck dust can cause itching and other problems.

Make sure that if you oil your hair wash it properly with suitable hair shampoo.

Tip 5- Amount Of Oil

You have to apply a suitable amount of Indulekha Hair Oil. An excessive amount of hair oil can cause dribbling from head to scalp.

And the lower amount of oil can lead to improper massage. So make sure that whenever you do massage with Indulekha oil you have to use it according to your needs and hair type.


So these are five tips of Indulekha Oil that can help you to make your hair thick, dense, and shiny. In addition, you can use better anti-hair fall shampoo like Sebamed if you are suffering from excessive hair fall.

Hope these five tips of Indulekha Hair Oil can help you to gain some sort of information.

Does Indulekha hair oil really work?

It can help to prevent hair loss and can promote hair growth.

Is Indulekha best for hair growth?

Hair growth can be affected by the various factors you can not be dependent on the Indulekha Oil.

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