Masturbation Really Cause HAIR LOSS? With Scientific Reason

Masturbation And Hair Loss

Written by tanaypatel5212

September 14, 2023

There are so many myths related to masturbation’s effects on our bodies and daily lifestyle. One of the most prevalent myth is that “MASTURBATION CAUSES HAIRLOSS.” Today, we will discuss this popular myth.

Masturbation is one of the things that most people are used to, and if it is true that masturbation really causes hair loss, then most people have to suffer with the problem of excessive hair loss.

There is also the popular myth that whey protein causes hair loss in gym freaks.

What Science Says About Masturbation and Hair Loss

We all know that hair growth is dependent on protein and other essential nutrients in our bodies. Hair loss and early graying of the hair can be brought on by nutrient deficiencies, pollution, and low nutrient levels.

Also, semen is rich in protein, and every time ejaculation occurs during masturbation, it causes the release of some amount of semen from the male body. Thus, many people think that masturbation causes hair loss

However, we all know that excessive masturbation can have some bad effects on mental and physical health. We will discuss this later in the post, but there are some other benefits to masturbation if it is performed well and safely. So,

There is no evidence that masturbation causes hair loss.

Many people believe that performing masturbation releases the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) responsible for hair loss. But there is also no supportive evidence that performing masturbation on a daily basis causes hair loss.

Benefits Of Masturbation

Here are some of the benefits of masturbation, which are listed below:

Health of the body

Orgasms, whether they are done alone or with a partner, help improve the blood flow, nerves, and muscles in both men’s and women’s genitalia.

Men may be able to keep their sperm and semen healthy by having orgasms. According to a 2016 study by Trustworthy Source, a man’s risk of getting prostate cancer may go down if he ejaculates often.

Help with stress

Masturbation is used by a lot of people to ease stress or help them sleep. Since it can’t cause pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), it could be seen as a risk-free way to have sexual fun.

Risks Of Excessive Masturbation

Even though it’s hard for many people to talk about, masturbation doesn’t pose many risks. It could turn into a problem if it starts to:

  • interfere with school, work, or other parts of a person’s life;
  • cause problems in a relationship;
  • cause too much guilt;
  • be too rough, causing swelling or less sexual sensitivity;

If someone is afraid that masturbation is becoming a problem, a doctor or sex therapist can help them figure out what to do.

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