Homeopathic Medicine For Hair Loss & For Long And Better Hair.

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September 12, 2021

Homeopathy Treatment For Hair Loss. 

Most People nowadays Suffer from hair loss and There are Some Peoples who develop baldness due To the improper treatment of hair loss and by using cosmetics products. Today we will discuss hair loss treatment in homeopathy.

There are certain medical conditions in which antibiotics are given which causes hair loss Problem in the patient. Also, different types of problems which are associated with the problem of losing hair in old age and as well as In very young age nowadays. 

The research shows that 75 % or more men and 45 % of women are suffering from this problem. 

Effects of Hair Loss on the patient.

Losing hair can affect the patient in many ways some of them are given below. 

  • Can decrease confidence level.
  • Can affect the patient’s appearance. 
  • Problems between personal relationships.
  • In some cases, the carrier may be affected, etc. 
  • These types of problems can affect patients’ mental health and we all have knowledge about mental health awareness.

Research shows that 15% of men are not selected in interviews due to the less hair growth and appearance of the person. 

Homeopathy in Hair loss

The problem of losing hair is different in every patient that is why homeopathy can give results such in this type of condition in which there are causes that are variable from person to person. 

Because individuality is the key point and on the basis of this homeopathic treatment can stop falling of hair in a very short and reliable way. 

By taking medicine and some dietary planning patients can get relief from this type of condition. 

Causes of Hair Loss.

The main causes which are most common for hair loss are

Using cosmetics products for a long time: 

Using cosmetic products containing harmful chemicals can lead to damage of the scalp and leads to excessive hair loss. This can fasten the hair fall process and ultimately lead to baldness or too much hair fall condition. 

In some medical conditions some antibiotics:

In certain medical conditions like cancer patients may go through the chemotherapy process, this can cause hair loss due to radiation therapy. 

Using more ammonia contain colors 

Nowadays so many people suffer from premature graying of hair thus they use dye to color their hair. And so many youngsters also color their hair to look cool. These dyes contain ammonia which can cause hair fall.

Daily usage of dryers

Daily usage of dryers can lead to damage of hair and leads to excessive hair fall.

Medical conditions like Anemia, Thyroid, Diabetes, Nutrition deficiency, and In Women PCOD OR PCOS(polycystic ovarian diseases or syndrome)

These are the leading causes for hair loss and minor causes are,

  • Air pollution 
  • Increased intake of vitamin A
  • Alopecia 
  • Stress  

Homeopathic medicine for the treatment 

Some PCOD OR PCOS(polycystic ovarian diseases or syndrome)which is Given most commonly in this problems is Below. 

  • Nux Vomica: It is given When the Problem is due to the antibiotics and allopathy drugs
  • Ferrum Phos: when There Is a deficiency of nutrition like iron etc. 
  • acid phos: In excessive stress conditions. 
  • Sepia: losing hair after delivery of the child. 
  • Calcarea carb: Inpatient who has the problem of more sweating on the scalp and Itching all over the scalp. 
  • Kali Sulph: In those patients who complain about yellow-colored dandruff on scalp and hair loss. 
  • Psorinum: It Is One Of the Most Indicated Medicine for hair loss due to Dandruff. And Also given In eczema patients who complaints about this. 
  • Lycopodium: In-person who complains about premature baldness and greying of hair especially in Young people. 
  • Baryta carb: In-person who complains about baldness in younger age with throat complain. 
  • Silicea: In-person suffering from hair loss Due to eczema problem. 
  • Potency and Doses For Hair Loss 

Potency and Doses And Medicine can Be Only decided by the Homeopathic physician as according to complain. 

With some dietary plans, we can prevent this complaint like Intake of nutritional food in diet which contains vitamins and Nutrients like Vitamin B12, Folic acid, etc. we have To Includes protein-containing food in diet which provides protein to the hair. And always taking healthy food in the diet. 


So these are some causes and homeopathic medicine for hair loss. we recommend you to read our other health-related posts and articles to know more about medical conditions and to gain information about mental health also.

If you have any doubt related to hair loss and want to know more about other different treatments please let us know in the comment section we will reach through your queries and try to solve them.

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