How to overcome negative thoughts and feeling of depression

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May 10, 2021

If you want to overcome depression and negative thinking then this article will definitely help you a lot to overcome depression and negative thoughts. Some so many people also take help from doctors with severe depression, but if you are facing a problem with negative thinking you can manage it by yourself.

What causes the negative thoughts & feelings of depression?

Every people faces many problems in day-to-day life in their normal routine. But some people do not take every problem seriously, but those who take the problem seriously may suffer from  negative thinking, and depressed feelings.

Although the following condition may cause negative thinking

  •  Financial crisis/ poor economic status/ lose in business
  • Divorce/ breakup/
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Fight or argue with a loved one
  • Lose of job
  • Self-deprivation etc

These are some of the most common condition in which people faces negative thoughts and feeling of depression. There are several methods available to diagnose depression, but there is no particular test is for diagnosis of depression

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How to avoid negative thoughts in daily life

Stop overthinking:-

The first and the prior thing you have to do is stop overthinking about any situation. People who overthink more have chances that they can have more negative thinking. Sometimes it is okay to thinking about the situation but overthinking about one particular thing may lead to the influence of bad thoughts in mind.

Now there is one question that arises in the mind how to stop overthinking? The simple answer is that you can distract your mind by doing activities which you like most.

You can do your favorite activities by which you feel better and you remain in joy state of your mind it could be;

  • Writing
  • Gaming
  • Doing exercise
  • Reading
  • Walking

These all can help you to get rid of overthinking and negative thoughts. Try to add them to your daily schedule for better results.

Try to find out the cause of negative thinking:-

One of the best ways to get relief from negative thoughts is to find out the main cause of the negative feelings. You can also take your consultant or physician’s advice for it.

Once you determine the cause of negative feelings you can find out many different different ways to deal with your thought process by which you get negative thoughts. Sometimes loneliness can also cause negative thinking, if loneliness is the cause then you can join extracurricular clubs to get rid of it.

Do not compare yourself with others:-

In today’s competitive world almost every people compare themself with others or if they did not compare themself with others, their surrounding people do the comparison with that person to another person.

This is the worst thing people ever do with themself and with others also. Make it clear that every person has their unique personality, instead of doing comparison try to improve your personality by attending personality development classes, improve your skills and knowledge day by day.

This can help you a lot to get so many good opportunities and this also helps you to overcome the negative thoughts and depression feeling.

Focus on positive:-

We have to admire that in life we do not get success every time, sometimes we have to face failure but it does not mean that we are a loser or we can not do that particular thing.

You have to think positively even if you do not get success. Sometimes it takes time to achieve your goal and it can also take more chances than a second, but we have tried to remain positive every time. If we do not succeed in the first trial we have to make sure that we improve our skill and knowledge in that particular field, this also helps us to overcome the negative thoughts and depression feeling.

Deal with criticism:-

Once if you get a little bit of success there are so many people around you who criticize you for things that you do, some of them do constructive criticism and some of them will do destructive criticism.

Constructive criticism is called healthy criticism which helps you to make yourself better, but people who do destructive criticism can make you feel bad thus ultimately leads to negative thoughts.

Avoid destructive criticism because this only lead to the influence of bad and negative thoughts, cope up with all types of criticism will help you a lot to improve your thought process and leads to overcome from negative thoughts and depressed feeling.

Try to remain calm & relax:-

There are so many things as well as relaxation techniques available to get relaxation from outer stressors. Do the relaxation practice whenever you face negative thoughts in your mind. You can also listen to music available on the internet which makes your mind calm.

There are so many conditions in which the negative thoughts may lead you to misunderstand this further leads to bad influence and more negative thoughts. So remaining calm and relax can help you to overcome negative thoughts and depressed feelings.

Share your feelings with the nearest most person:-

We all know that sharing good makes good influence to us like this sharing your negative thoughts with your loved ones and your nearest once and your family as well as your good friends can help you to overcome from negative thoughts and depressed feelings.

Sharing can help you to keep away from stressors. If you keep your negative thoughts within you then it bothers your thought process which leads you to negative thoughts and depressed feelings.

So share your feelings with loved ones and also remember in mind do not share your feeling with everyone, as some people can misguide you by taking disadvantage of it.


So these are some of the ways to overcome depression and negative thoughts. We hope that this article is informative for you.

If you have some doubt then you can let us know in the comment section below, we will try to figure out your queries and try to solve them.

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