Redness rashes on skin & Different Types of redness and rashes on the skin

Redness and rashes on the skin are the most common problem through which people suffers in their daily life. Redness and rashes on skin can cause by different types of elements present in the atmosphere and also Redness and rashes on the skin are caused by different organisms also.

Redness and rashes on the skin

Redness and rashes on the skin are defined as simple as the eruption on the skin which may sometimes cause itching and sometimes not. This redness and rashes on the skin may vary in their look or appearance according to their different types of causes and their organisms. And different types of Redness and rashes have different types of treatment according to causes.

This redness and rashes can be local means on just one part or it can be all over the body. 

Causes of Redness and rashes

There are so many causes but the most common causes are as below.

  • Dermatitis
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Different types of infections like Bacterial, Fungal, Viral, Prostatic, etc 
  • Stinging or Biting etc.
  • Sometimes it may be also due to medicinal reactions or allergic reactions.
  • They can be dry, moist, or can be in form of blisters.

Redness and Rashes On Skin Due To Infections

Infections caused by bacteria, fungi or any viruses, or any infectious organism can cause redness and rash on the skin. These types of redness and rashes are variable in appearance based on the type of which type of infection. 

Redness and Rashes On Skin DueTo Immune Reactions

There are different types of autoimmune diseases, some of them can cause redness and rashes on the skin. Like lupus in which different systems of the body are affected also, including the skin. It causes a butterfly-shaped rash on the facial skin.

Redness and Rashes Due To Medication

Certain medications can produce redness and rashes in sensitive people this may be due to a side effect or an allergic reaction. Some medicines, including some antibiotics, cause photosensitivity – they make the individual more susceptible to sunlight. 

Allerguc eczema

Allergic eczema sometimes resembles a burn and affects mainly the hands and forearms.
It causes Itching on the skin as well as redness.
sometimes there are scaly, or raw Blisters that burst and ooze out, and lead to the development of crusts.

Redness and Rashes Due To Contact Dermatitis

This type of rashes develops after a few hours or days after contact with the substance which causes allergy or an allergen. These rash are with visible borders around them and develop on the skin where the irritating substance is contacted. 

Skin becomes itchy with redness, sometimes the development of scalds also, and produces blisters which ooze and become crusty in nature.

Drug allergy

This is also one type of allergic reaction but here it is due to medication side effects or allergic reactions of ant type of drug. Here immediate action and medical care may be required.

It can be  Mild, Moderate, or severe in reaction. 

Itching, red, and rash may develop days or weeks after taking a drug or administration of the drug in the body. It varies from person to person according to the person’s susceptibility.

If the allergic reaction to the drug is severe in nature then it can be life-threatening. where additional symptoms like hives, racing heart, swelling, severe itching, and difficulty breathing can occur.

Other symptoms may show fever, and small red dots on the skin can be seen over the body.

Scarlet fever

Scarlet fever is one of the most common causes of redness and rashes of the skin. It usually occurs right after a streptococcal throat infection. Red skin rash all over the body except the hands and feet. Rashes are likely of tiny bumps and cause feeling like“sandpaper” with a bright red tongue.

Skin Infection

Some time skin infections may also produce redness and rashes. It may be caused by different types of infectious or contagious organisms or elements which include fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites also. 

Commonly it produces symptoms like redness of the skin with a tenderness which makes the condition painful to the person, also causes itching and rashes over the skin.

It is better to consult if a person has complained of fever with chills, pus-filled blisters, severe pain along with the breakdown of skin tissues, or skin infection which do not get the resolution or becomes worse even after caretaking.

Bites and Stings

Sometimes stinging or biting may cause severe illness and the person may need urgent medical care along with precautions. A person may develop swelling with redness and many times tenderness also at the site of the sting or bite. 

Symptoms like Itching and soreness at the site of the bite, pain in the affected part as well as in the muscles also. Some time heat can be felt around the affected parts may be seen.


In shingles there are so much painful rashes develops that may burn, produce tingling sensations, or may produce itching also. Rashes are made up of clusters of fluid-filled blisters. Which pops or breaks easily and exudes fluid.

Rash become appears first in a linear type of pattern most commonly on the trunk part of the body, but may also occur on different parts of the body like the face, etc. 

Rashes may be present due to hay fever, headache and lethargy also.

Flea Bites

Fleas are small and jumping types of insects that have the ability to live in fabrics within the house. They have the ability to increase their number in a short time span as they have a fast-breeding cycle. So their bite can affect the whole family living inside the home.

flea bites can cause red spots over the skin, also the skin can become irritated and painful.
Secondary infections can also occur by scratching over the affected part.

Fifth disease

The second name of the fifth disease is erythema infectious or also known as slapped cheek syndrome, it is mainly caused by parvovirus B19.

Symptoms may include rashes over affected parts and redness. It has mainly three stages as follows

In the first stage, there is a patchy type of red rash on the cheeks with a cluster of red papules over the face.
Then 4-5 days, a group of red marks may develop over the arm and torso.
And in the third stage, the rashes only show after exposure to the seat and sunlight.
Impetigo is one of the most infectious skin infections commonly seen in children. Firstly there is normally a red patch on the skin with itching.

There are also two types of impetigo which are as follows

Bullous type of impetigo – it is a less common type and usually affects children under 2 years of age. There is the development of blisters. These blisters vary in size from medium to large blisters which affect the trunk and extremities.
Non-bullous type of impetigo – It mainly produces redness and sores around the mouth and nose.


Scabies is also an infectious or contagious skin condition caused by an organism named mite which can be observed in the microscope. It is very infectious and spreads easily through direct contact from person to person. It may show the symptoms like below

Intense itching may be seen which sometimes becomes worse during the night.
Rashes are also seen in linear as the mite burrows under the skin. Some time blisters are also seen on the affected part.

Sores may be seen where the rash has been scratched

Hay fever

Conditions like Hay fever, allergic rhinitis, are allergic responses to pollen. And symptoms may resemble like common cold including as follows

watery eyes,
runny nose,
Hay fever may also cause redness and the development of rashes that resemble hives. And shows itching over the skin and development of red patches with eruption over the skin.


Mono is also known as mononucleosis is a result of a viral infection. It may be serious but in rare cases only. Although following symptoms can be seen in person.

a pink, measle-like rash
body pain
, and high fevers may be some time


Measles is also one of the most highly contagious and infectious diseases. It is caused by a viral infection and the causative organism name is rubella.

a reddish colored or brown colored rashes over the skin
little or tiny grayish sometimes white color spots with bluish-white discoloration in the center and affects mainly inside the mouth.
dry type of cough may be seen sometimes.


MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) is an infectious bacterial infection. which is also resistant to a wide range of antibiotics. due to its resistance power against antibiotics, it is difficult to treat and patients have to suffer from it for a long time.

Symptoms of MRSA include redness and rashes along with swelling as well as tenderness also. which makes it painful on the affected body parts.


Lupus is one type of autoimmune disease, in which the immune system causes damage to healthy tissue. Symptoms may vary from one person to another person according to the immune system response,

Butterfly-shaped redness and rash on the face and cheeks along with nose.
Sometimes Flaky and red spots & scaly rashes on the facial part as well as the neck and sometimes arms also.
Increased photosensitivity to exposure to sunlight.


Chickenpox is also one of the major causes of redness and rashes. It is mainly caused by infection of the varicella-zoster virus. Most people get recovery from it within a short span of time but it may vary from person to person also.

There is an itchy rash with small red spots. This appears first on the face and trunk after it spreads on the whole body, and then spots develop blisters.

After 48 hours, the blisters cloud and start to dry out.

How are redness and rashes on skin treated?

Treatments for skin redness is vary and also depend on what is the type of cause. According to cause, the mode of treatment is administered.

By cleaning the affected part with an antiseptic solution and sometimes also antiseptic lotion is given for external use for the patient.

Also, affected people should have to wash their clothes with warm water and should have to take precautions so the infection can not spread from one person to another person.

And precautions should be taken for fast recovery.

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