I am suffuring from high blood pressure. It is possible to take COVID-19 vaccine?

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May 8, 2021


I am suffering from high blood pressure. It is possible to take COVID-19 vaccine?

High blood pressure is one of the critical conditions. If treatment is not given or taken by the patient, it can cause serious health issues. High blood pressure may lead to serious conditions which include heart disease, stroke, and dementia, or end organs failure.

The newest studies show that people who suffer from untreated high blood pressure or too much high blood pressure are more prone to the risk of getting ill badly withCOVID-19. 

Studies show that people having untreated high blood pressure seems to be more at risk of complications from COVID-19 in comparison to those who is having high blood pressure is managed with medication.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, your first and prior goal should be to manage it through medication. You should have to consult a doctor for this condition. This will help you to manage high blood pressure. 

Take the medication and treatment plan you’ve created with your consultant doctor. Also, you have to change your lifestyle to prevent the further progress of the condition. Lifestyle changes and Medication can help to prevent and also reduce high blood pressure. 

Blood pressure range chart for different age group

Age Between 15 to 18

  • Male – 177-77 mmHg
  • Female – 120-85 mmHg

Age Between 19 to 24

  • Male – 120-79 mmHg
  • Female – 120-79 mmHg

Age Between 25 to 29

  • Male – 120-80 mmHg
  • Female – 120-80 mmHg

Age Between 30 to 35

  • Male – 122-81 mmHg
  • Female – 123-82 mmHg

Age Between 36 to 39

  • Male – 123-82 mmHg
  • Female – 124-83 mmHg

Age Between 40 to 45 years old

  • Male – 124-83 mmHg
  • Female – 125-83 mmHg

Age Between 46 to 49

  • Male – 126-84 mmHg
  • Female – 127-84 mmHg

Age Between 50 to 55

  • Male – 128-85 mmHg
  • Women – 129-85 mmHg

Age Between 56 to 59

  • Male – 131-37 mmHg
  • Female – 130-86 mmHg

More than 60 Years

  • Male – 135-88 mmHg
  • Female – 134-84 mmHg

Lifestyle changes to control high blood pressure:


First, you have to manage your diet plan, you should have to take food that is rich in fiber. Also, you’ve to decrease the intake of fatty food and reduce dairy products. Try to eat clean and rich in protein.

Reduce sodium intake:-

You have to reduce the food which has more amount in sodium. More sodium in the body can cause hypertension so try to eat food with low sodium content.

Reduce weight:-

You should have to figure out your BMI (body mass index), this will help you to calculate your weight criteria. If you are overweight then you have to reduce your weight by doing exercise and diet.

Quit your bad habits:-

If you do smoke and so misuse the substance like alcohol then you have to stop immediately. These are some of the predisposing factors of high blood pressure.

Eat food which is healthy to heart:-

The heart is the first and prior organ that is affected in the condition of high blood pressure. Try to eat food which are fruit, vegetables, fish, low-fat food. This is called the DASH diet. 

Manage mental health:-

If you are suffering from excessive mental stressors which give you more stress, you should have to manage it through yoga, and other activities which you like to do. Manage your stress to prevent high blood pressure.

Do exercise regularly:-

You have to be active regularly by doing some sort of exercise on daily basis. 


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